Scholarship Agreement with Uludağ University


BURSA, (DHA)  - Top 5 students to score highest in the national exam who choose Uludağ University Department of Civil Engineering will be awarded a monthly scholarship of 500 TL


Uludağ University will continue its application of success scholarship launched last year in 2017. The first support of 2017 for the success scholarship project came from Oytaş Yıldız International Construction, Industry and Trade Inc.. Oytaş Yıldız Construction will give 500 TL per month to the first 5 students who choose and settle UU Engineering Faculty Civil Engineering Department according to their national exam score. Students who will be entitled to receive this scholarship for a total of 9 months during the year will continue to receive the scholarship until they graduate, as long as they keep their GPA above 2.5 in the following years.



Speaking at the protocol ceremony, UU Rector Prof. Dr. Yusuf Ulcay announced that they will continue the project of granting scholarships to successful students they started last year in the new year. Rector Yusuf Ulcay said that they tried to implement this campaign in almost every part of the university in the 2016-2017 academic year; Our project received serious support from both local governments and companies. Our university is among the top 5 most preferred universities thanks to this project. One of every 4 students who preferred Uludağ University last year wrote our university in the first place as their choice. Our Civil Engineering Department was one of the departments that got the most share from this protocol. The percentage of successful students choosing the department has exceeded the past years. Our aim with this project was to attract students who passed the exam held by ÖSYM to Uludağ University. When we look at the data this year, we see that we have reached our target. We believe that the project will create a domino effect. Successful students will bring successful lecturers. The student will not be content with the given and will want more. At that time, we will be able to place the concept of the 3rd Generation University that we aimed at in Uludağ University. The protocol is not a need scholarship. Thanks to the protocol, the 5 most successful students who choose the civil engineering department of our university will be entitled to receive a scholarship. I would like to thank Oytaş Yıldız Construction managers who supported us in this project and were with us.



Oytaş Yıldız International Construction, Industry and Trade Inc., which says that they try to take part in social responsibility projects as much as possible. Chairman of the Board Osman Yıldız emphasized that they are very happy to serve university students and provide scholarships as an institution. Stating that his own studentship has passed in the same way, Osman Yıldız, "I hope the students we support will serve our country in the future. I am proud to be instrumental in such an event. We were very happy when the offer came to us first. We would like to do better work for our university in the future."

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering stated that they regard the Civil Engineering Department as one of the rising stars in the faculty. Dr. Abdülvahap Yiğit said that those who prefer this department prefer to be among the students with higher success. Pointing out that more successful students prefer civil engineering department, it means that better students will be raised, Dean Yiğit said; "Successful student will mean that the lecturer also teaches better. A student who has a good education will be able to perform his profession more successfully. Therefore, the support of Oytaş Yıldız Construction to us is of great importance today. We thank Mr. Osman Yıldız and company executives for their support. "

Prof. UU Faculty of Engineering, Head of Civil Engineering Department. Dr. Adem Doğangün wished the protocol would be beneficial to students, the company and the university that supported it.