Our values have always been a guideway for both our works and the way we perform them.

Development in the construction sector is one of the main indicators and drivers of the economic development process of countries. The results of the attitude of the construction industry are reflected in the country's development. Therefore, in order to always go further, what has been done must be constantly evaluated and filtered. The works put forward by the firms in the construction sector are more than just products offered to customers, but also a future-oriented investment. Each of them is realized as a result of guiding the technical staff, machinery and equipment with the knowledge and experience. Getting all these elements to the targeted results requires very good coordination and effective management. Only in this way can the intended quality level be achieved. At the same time, the structures that serve the society by meeting the demands of the customers are signed. Technological, economic and professional development in the sector should be made continuous in order to carry out the projects undertaken as required. Knowledge, experience and technical possibilities should be used to bring successful projects to life. Building contemporary structures without compromising quality standards is the primary task of the construction industry.


As Oytaş-Yıldız İnşaat, we have achieved a sustainable growth by making the awareness of the responsibility we have adopted since the day we were founded as the cornerstone of the company.In this process, with the projects we completed in the fields of industry, health and education we provided our best service to the industrial city of Bursa and to Turkey. Within the framework of our values and with the right project choices and the investments we will make, we continue to grow steadily in the following periods in line with the rational targets we have determined with no compromise on our principles of honesty, quality and trust and with the awareness of our economic, social and environmental responsibilities.


Our Policy

To fulfill our commitments in national and international platforms in a safe manner by paying regards to customer satisfaction and legal requirements, to increase our efficiency continuously as a whole by following the technological developments in the construction industry, to provide personal development and satisfaction by supporting our employees with continuous training, and we aim to improve our effectiveness constantly with our awareness of working respectful to society and the environment.