Since the beginning, we have made a large number of projects real by performing the required expertise and discipline effectively.

With years of developed experience, scientific knowledge and competent employees, we are doing our works having the awareness of the responsibility to contribute to cultural-social breakthroughs, and of leaving our signature on fundamental structures to industrialisation.  The fundamental virtue that make our projects successful is, to work with all our employees systematically based on team spirit.

The steel works within the scope of our projects are being processed in our steel construction workshop according to standards and projects using appropriate machinery and equipment by licensed employees and transported to construction sites. Currently, with more than 150 employees on site, 10 managers in reinforced concrete team, and 30 technician and licensed welders we are trying to exhibit the better every day.

Oytaş-Yıldız Construction embraces the high quality service for the intended projects with its ‘’Right Project’’ insight to achieve fit for purpose; strength, security, comfort standards and to achieve completion with the right costs. In the process of investment decision making, we work with our clients continuously starting from purchasing of the land. When in need, we are supporting our clients with guidance and alternative solutions to help prevent both unnecessary costs and national wealth loss from the beginning.