We are aware of the environmental impacts of the industry we are in and we are working to minimize our own.

Today, climate change has become the most important of global risks. According to the World Green Building Council, the building and construction sector accounts for 39% of all carbon emissions. 28% of this is due to the functional activities of the buildings such as heating and cooling, while the remaining 11% caused by building materials and construction processes.

As a company with such awareness, we always prefer the right materials and efficient applications in addition to compliance with ISO 14001 standard. Our main policy is to continuously improve all our business processes with our employees in order to achieve excellence in production.

Oytaş-Yıldız Construction is a company that protects the environment by observing the legal requirements in terms of eliminating or minimizing the environmental effects that may arise from all the construction activities it operates, and by performing a performance above these requirements.

With our Environmental Management System, necessary audits, feedbacks and trainings are carried out in all processes of our projects, while all possible preventative measures are taken.

The recyclable wastes generated in our construction sites are preserved, collected regularly and, delivered to the authorized recycle organisations.

Apart from these, we contribute to step away from carbon based energy resources with our renewable energy investments.